House music new and old

  1. Feel this is appropriate after returning to work yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks. Don’t really know much about this track other than it was part of a VA release on Moist Recordings and there’s an alternate version with more vocals on Donnell Rush - Perfect Day for Company. None the less its a great track.

  2. One Belfast have been throwing parties in various locations for the past couple of years here, on Sunday night they have Robert Hood playing at Mynt. In the past couple of months they’ve been going from strength to strength with Samaan’s Detroit Memories getting a release on the newly started Fullbarr’s vinyl only imprint to almost universal praise. They’ve also started a website, One Electronica, and are set to start a vinyl only label at some point in the coming year. Definitely a collective to keep an eye on in the coming months.

  3. Happy Christmas!

  4. Another great release coming out in the near future on Drumpoet with that vintage house sound that is so on point at the minute. Out 13th January on Drumpoet Records.

  5. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Ada - Happy Birthday

  6. Like the last song I posted up here I love the vocals on this track, as well as they keys. One of only two releases on the Paramodo Records sublabel of Azuli, the other being a set of remixes of Romanthony’s Falling From Grace. Pick up a copy of the release here.

  7. Picked this up for about a pound off Discogs earlier this week, love the vocal.

  8. Great new release from a great new label, ran by Satore who’s latest release A Winter’s Tale is also great. My favourite track is the Demetrio GianniceFor more about the label and details on how to order the record check out Hizou’s website here.

  9. "We just hooked up some midi cables, linked some instruments, played some chords, and made history!"

    Terrence Parker and Claude Young Jr.’s release The 4Play EP is considered a classic by many but copies are hard to come by and more importantly expensive. A new imprint however started by Bryan Agent Pepper has reissued the EP so grab it here while you can.

  10. A perfect start to a Sunday morning, a new podcast by Motor City Drum Ensemble. Starts out with a classic from MAW Records and continues in a similar vein.

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